Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy

Semi-annual Conference

Editors:    Bennett McCallum

                 Charles I. Plosser

Upcoming Conference


November 10-11, 2006

Tepper, Carnegie-Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA


Carnegie-Rochester Conference on Public Policy
November 10
-11, 2006


Thursday, November 9

8:00 p.m.         Welcoming Reception – Courtyard by Marriott, Shadyside/Oakland

Friday, November 10


8:15 a.m.         Molly’s Trolleys from Marriott to CMU/Tepper School - Posner Hall

8:30 a.m.         Continental Breakfast


9:00 a.m.         Conference Session I: Tepper School – Posner Hall – Room 151
Chairman: Bennett McCallum     


·         Authors:  Argia Sbordone

                                  Title:  Sources of Inflation Persistence and Implications for Monetary Policy

                                  Discussant: Kenneth West      


·         Authors:  Andrew Levin and Tack Yun

     TitleIndexation and Monetary Policy

      Discussant:  Alexander Wolman



12:00 p.m.       Lunch – Grand Room – 3rd floor Posner Hall



1:30 p.m.         Conference Session II: Tepper School – Posner Hall – Room 151
Chairman: Charles Plosser


·         Authors:William Brock, Steven Durlauf, and James Nason      

           Title:   Model Uncertainty and the Comparison of Instrument and Targeting Rules for Monetary Policy

                                   Discussant:  Robert Tetlow    


·         Author:  Athanasios Orphanides and John C. Williams

                       Title:  Robust Monetary Policy with Imperfect Knowledge

     Discussant:  James Bullard



5:00 p.m.         Molly’s Trolleys from Posner Hall to Marriott


7:15 p.m.         Molly’s Trolleys from Marriott to The Pittsburgh Golf Club


7:30 p.m.         Dinner at The Pittsburgh Golf Club


Saturday, November 11


8:00 a.m.         Molly’s Trolleys from Marriott to CMU/Tepper School - Posner Hall

8:15 a.m.         Continental Breakfast


8:45 a.m.         Conference Session III: Tepper School – Posner Hall – Room 151
Chairman: Stanley Zin


·         Authors:  Samuel Reynard

           Title: Maintaining Low Inflation: Money, Interest Rates, and Policy Stance

           Discussant:  Edward Nelson



·        Authors:  Marvin Goodfriend and Bennett McCallum

          Title:  Banking and Interest Rates in Monetary Policy Analysis: A Quantitative Exploration

          Discussant:  Simon Gilchrist




11:45 a.m.       ADJOURN





12:00 p.m.       Box Lunches will be available.