Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy

Semi-annual Conference


Editors:    Bennett McCallum

                 Charles I. Plosser



Recent Conference


November 17-18, 2000

GSIA, Carnegie-Mellon University

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania




Productivity Growth


Papers by:


Computers and Growth with Frictions: Aggregate and Disaggregate Evidence
Michael T. Kiley

Searching for Prosperity
Michael Kremer, Alexei Onatski, and James Stock

The Rise and Fall of the Factory System: Technology, firms and households since the Industrial Revolution
Joel Mokyr

A Quantitative Model of the British Industrial Revolution, 1780-1850
Nancy L. Stokey

Productivity Growth in the 1990s: Technology, Utilization, or Adjustment?
Susanto Basu, John G. Fernald, Matthew D. Shapiro

Schumperterian Growth Theory And The Dynamics Of Income Inequality
by Philippe Aghion