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Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy

Semi-annual Conference


THOMAS F. COOLEY, New York University
MARVIN GOODFRIEND, Carnegie Mellon University

Upcoming Conference

April 15-16, 2011

New York University


Carnegie-Rochester Conference Schedule
“Advances in Labor Market Dynamics”
The 77th Meeting of the Carnegie-Rochester Conference on Public Policy


Friday, April 15


       KMC Commons


 8:45-9:15 am              Packet Retrieval and Breakfast


                                    CONFERENCE SESSION I - KMC 2-60


     Chairman:              Marvin Goodfriend         

 9:15-10:30 am            “Labor Market Flows in the Cross Section and Over Time”

by Steven Davis (Chicago Booth), Jason Faberman (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia), John Haltiwanger (University of Maryland)

                                    Discussant: Aysegul Sahin (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)


10:30-10:45 am           Break


10:45-12:00 pm          “Housing and the Labor Market: Time to Move and Aggregate Unemployment”

by Peter Rupert (UC Santa Barbara), Etienne Wasmer (Sciences-Polytech)

                                    Discussant: Michael Elsby (University of Edinburgh)


12:00pm                       Luncheon – KMC Commons


                                    CONFERENCE SESSION II - KMC 2-60


     Chairman:              Charles Plosser

1:30-2:45 pm              "Hours Worked Over the Business Cycle: Evidence from OECD Countries 1960-2010"

                                    by Lee Ohanian (UCLA), Andrea Raffo (Federal Reserve Board of Governors)

                                    Discussant: Thijs van Rens (CREI)


2:45-3:00 pm               Break


3:00-4:15 pm              "Transitions in the German Labor Market"

                                    by Michael Krause (Deutsche Bundesbank), Harald Uhlig (University of Chicago)

                                    Discussant: Ruediger Bachmann, University of Michigan

4:30-6:00 pm               Intermission


 6:30-9:00pm               Dinner, 24 5th


        9:30 pm              Transportation


Saturday, April 16



          8:00 am             Bus transportation to campus


    8:30-9:00 am           Breakfast


                                    CONFERENCE SESSION III - KMC 2-60


     Chairman:              Stanley Zin

  9:00-10:15 am           “Theory of Labor Supply Late in the Life Cycle: Social Security and Disability Insurance”

by Andres Erosa (IMDEA Social Sciences Institute), Luisa Fuster (IMDEA Social Sciences Institute), Gueorgui Kambourov (University of Toronto)

                                    Discussant: Selahattin Imrohoroglu (Marshall School of Business USC)


10:15-10:30 am           Break


10:30-11:30 am           “Taxing Women: A Macroeconomic Analysis”

by Nezih Guner (ICREA-MOVE), Remzi Kaygusuz (Sabanci University), Gustavo Ventura ( University of Iowa)

                                    Discussant: Richard Rogerson, Princeton University


      11:30 am               Boxed lunches made available


12:15 pm               Conclusion







ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Bennett McCallum and Charles Plosser, Co-chairs: Andrew Abel, Yongsung Chang, Thomas Cooley, Janice Eberly, Marvin Goodfriend, Ronald Hansen, and Stanley Zin