Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy

Semi-annual Conference


Editors:    Bennett McCallum

                 Charles I. Plosser



Upcoming Conference


April 20-21, 2001

Simon School, University of Rochester

Rochester, NY




Carnegie-Rochester Conference Schedule
April 20-21, 2001

Thursday, April 19


8:00 pm-11:00 pm     Welcome Reception, Hyatt Regency - refer to hotel monitor


Friday, April 20


       8:30 am               Bus transportation to campus


       8:40 am               Packet Retrieval and Breakfast upon arrival


       9:15 am               CONFERENCE SESSION I - SCHLEGEL 207


     Chairman:             TBA         

        Papers:               "Are Behavioral Asset-Pricing Models Structural?" by Stanley Zin

                                   Discussant: Jessica Wachter


                                   15 - minute break between sessions


                                   "Investor Psychology in Capital Markets: Basic Concepts, Evidence and Policy Implications"

                                   by David Hirshleifer and Siew Hong Teoh

                                   Discussant: Jeffrey Wurgler


    12:15 pm                Luncheon - Schlegel Hall Rotunda


     1:45 pm                 CONFERENCE SESSION II - SCHLEGEL 207


    Chairman:              TBA

      Papers:                 "Time-Varying Risk Premia and the Cost of Capital: An Alternative Implication of the Q Theory of Investment

                                   by Sydney Ludvigson and Martin Lettau

                                   Discussant: Janice Eberly


                                   15 - minute break between sessions


                                   "How Should Monetary Policy Respond to Movement in Asset Prices?" by Simon Gilchrist and John Leahy

                                   Discussant: William Dupor


       4:45 pm               Bus Transportation back to the Hyatt Regency


       6:30 pm               Bus departs Hyatt Regency for transportation to the Country Club of Rochester


       6:45 pm               Cocktails, Country Club of Rochester


       7:30 pm               Dinner, Country Club of Rochester


       9:30 pm               Transportation back to the Hyatt Regency


Saturday, April 21


       8:00 am               Bus transportation to campus


       8:10 am               Breakfast


       8:40 am               CONFERENCE SESSION III - SCHLEGEL 207


    Chairman:              TBA

      Papers:                 "Stock Volatility in the New Millennium: How Wacky is Nasdaq?" by G. William Schwert

                                   Discussant: Burton Hollifield


                                   15 - minute break between sessions


                                   "Time Orientation and Asset Prices" by Per Krusell, Burhanettin Kuruscu and Anthony Smith

                                   Discussant: Qiang Dai


      12:00 pm              Lunch available in Schlegel Hall Rotunda


      12:15 pm              Bus transportation to airport

                                   Transportation will also be available for earlier flights if needed.


       1:15 pm               Bus transportation to airport and to Hyatt Regency