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Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference on Public Policy

Call for Proposals

"Globalization in the Aftermath of the Crisis”

April 08-09, 2016

The Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference on Public Policy is now soliciting papers for a conference on “Globalization in the Aftermath of the Crisis." This Conference will be held at the University of Rochester on April 08-09, 2016. The papers and comments are intended for publication in the January 2017 issue of the Journal of Monetary Economics.

The editors invite detailed abstracts of no more than two pages describing the proposed research paper. (If a preliminary version of the paper is available, authors may include it with their abstract.) Proposals should be submitted electronically to Sue North, Editorial Assistant for the Journal of Monetary Economics, no later than November 02, 2015.

Starting in the middle of the last century, declining policy barriers, falling transportation costs, and improved communication have driven a swift rise in world exports, foreign investment, and cross-border asset trade, far outpacing the growth in world output. This trend of increased integration was interrupted by the global financial crisis. Since the crisis, growth in world trade has fallen off and the financial flows have diminished. Tensions in the eurozone have deterred progress toward fully integrated goods and factor markets, if not the existence of the EU itself. Efforts to rein in the potential excesses of financial markets and “ringfence” risks within national regulatory boundaries have resulted in the fragmentation of credit markets and widening interest rate differentials across countries.

This conference seeks proposals for theoretical, empirical, or quantitative papers that examine the evolving role of real and financial linkages in the global economy and the associated costs and benefits of globalization. Possible topics include but are not limited to: 1) identifying and measuring change in the pace of financial and real integration, 2) evaluating the relationship between market integration, business cycles and growth in the lead up to and following the crisis, 3) the political economy of integration, regulatory supervision and the cycle, 4) cooperation and competition in fiscal and monetary policy and supervision, 5) the regulation of financial firms in a global economy and 6) an assessment of the benefits of global integration in light of the risks revealed by the financial crisis.

The editors, in collaboration with the Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Advisory Board, will make the final selection of papers to be included in the Conference. Authors will be notified by November 20, 2015 if their paper has been selected. Authors will receive an honorarium of $2500 and be expected to present their paper at the Conference. The papers should represent original research not presented or published elsewhere. Since the papers are intended for publication, authors will not be able to publish or reprint the work elsewhere without the permission of the editors and publisher. Please note that the editors will contact authors only if their paper is accepted.